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Who do you need to see?
You can book to see a senior HCPC registered podiatrist for ANY foot problem, but our Foot Health Practitioner, Sarah offers a slightly cheaper option and often has more availability for basic foot care needs, such as ; Nail care, callus, thick nails or a corn.  You can also see Sarah if you are a Diabetic that requires some routine foot care and check up.  

If you have any other foot related problem, then book in with one of our senior Podiatrists Demelza or Anna.  

INITIAL ASSESSMENT/FIRST APPOINTMENT with Senior Podiatrist or Foot Health Practitioner
All new patients will require an initial assessment appointment. 
This appointment will include treatment up to time allocation of 40 mins – From £35 to £65

STANDARD  PODIATRY –  Return patients only – From £30 to £50

DOUBLE PODIATRY – Return patients only with extensive needs and extra time allocation

Annual Diabetic Foot Check – £65

Topical Verruca Treatment – Chemical or Cryotherapy from £45                                                               
Cost dependent on size and number, be advised effective treatment can take up to 8 weekly treatments

Laser verruca therapy per session – from £65
Regular treatments required from 2 to 10 sessions dependant on age and size of verruca
Advanced payment will receive 10% discount.   

VERRUCA NEEDLING –  under local anaesthetic 
Initial Procedure, Includes dressings and 3 follow appointments if required
Repeat Procedure if required from 3 to 6 months post initial procedure
Toe block Needling (for Verruca located on toes)

Complex verruca excision available – to be discussed at initial assessment 

Single Nail – Includes dressings and 3 follow appointments at 24 hours, 1 week and 6 weeks
Additional Nails (same day)

Fungal Nail Removal – from £390 for single big toe nail.  If multiple nails affected, a full treatment plan and aftercare package will need to be discussed and priced on a case by case basis

up to 2 nails
Additional nails

Laser therapy for fungal nails minimum of 4 sessions of treatments required – from £75
Advanced weekly or full course payment will receive 10% discount.   

Fungal nail assessment with Dermatophyte Test and GP letter for oral medication – £65

Shock Wave / Laser Therapy for tendonopathy/Plantar Fasciitis – Available for all soft tissue injury – From £75

Shockwave /laser therapy requires a minimum of 3 sessions, for larger areas or long term chronic conditions up to 6 sessions are required.  Treatment is administered weekly.  Advanced weekly or full course payment will receive 10% discount.   

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